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by IUB LMS -

Dear Student

Admissions in next Batch of NFTP has been started, for further details please visit: 

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IUB Online Exam

by IUB LMS -

INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS (Must read before start of the examination)

  1. Attempt the Online Exam from home by strictly following the COVID-19 health policy guidelines issued by the Government of Punjab / Pakistan.

  2. All exam regulations, provided to you will strictly be followed during whole span of the examinations and deviation from these rules will be sole responsibility of the student, who fails to observe these rules.

  3. As per exam policy, you will be required to attempt the Online Final Exam completely to avail a protected grade.

  4. If the electricity/internet connection is lost during the examination, your paper will be resumed on your return to the link but only during the allocated time for the examination.

  5. All MCQs carry equal marks. If your obtained grade as a result of this Online Final Exam is better than your past academic record, then the higher grade based on Online Final Exam will be awarded to you. Else, if your grade based on the Online Final Exam is lower than your previous CGPA, then you will be awarded a grade based on your past academic record.

  6. Paper is composite examination for all subjects of a particular class with 20 questions from each subject / course offered during Spring 2020, so, students should manage time accordingly.

  7. The students with extra enrolled course(s) are directed to attempt only the portion/course in which he/she is enrolled.

  8. Time is limited so all students should focus on the paper. Also check that his/her all subjects have been enrolled with the teacher. In case, there is any issue contact Chairman of the Department.


by IUB LMS -

Dear Students

Your Login IDs and Passwords to use LMS has been sent to your Chairmen/HoDs. Please contact them and get your ID/Password please. How to take exam of current semester you must login at LMS. In case of any problem/issue please send E-mail us at  

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